I am a working actress, member of SAG-AFTRA, martial artist and Vice President of Aki Aleong's Mustard Seed Media Group.

Demo Reel 2020

Scenes from John Reign's "Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption", Brian Barsuglia's "A Bard for the Ages: Shakespeare's Timeless Effect"; Gregory Hatanaka's "Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance"; Dustin Ferguson's "Nemesis 5"; Gregory Blair's "Garden Party Massacre"; Alan Wagner's "Rickman's Cobs"; Jared Masters' "Blood Tulip"; Dustin Ferguson's "RoboWoman"; Jake Zelch's "The Krampus Carol"; and William X Lee's "Black Mamba". 

Interview with Multi-talented Dr. Renah Wolzinger

Edited by Dr. Renah Wolzinger, "Dawna of the Darkness" Producer

Dark Classics - Monologue from Lady Macbeth

The Dark Classics team of Dr. Renah Wolzinger, Craig Railsback, Keith Wolzinger and Sean Glumace films Dawna Lee Heising performing a dark monologue from Shakespeare's "Macbeth". 

Scene from Dustin Ferguson's "Nemesis 5"

Executive produced by the legendary Albert Pyun!

Pole Dancing Practice

Urban Aerial Fitness in Fountain Valley, California

Scene from William Lee's "Black Mamba"

"Cadillac Respect" from Christopher Michale Dailey

Scene with the great Aki Aleong!

Tommy Wiseau in Gregory Hatanaka's "Samurai Cop 2"

Rickman's Cobbs

Great video from Alan Wagner!!!

Madam An in Jared Masters' "Blood Tulip"

"This Head I Hold" by Electric Guest

Legendary Actor Aki Aleong on Eye on Entertainment

Best Shakespearean Actress at 2019 LANFA Awards

I won Best Shakespearean Actress, Drama at King Bassey's 2019 LANFA Film Awards for "Dark Classics", directed by Craig Railsback.