I am a working actress, member of SAG-AFTRA, martial artist and Vice President of Aki Aleong's Mustard Seed Media Group.

Dawna Lee Heising - 2019 Demo Reel

Scenes from Brian Barsuglia's "A Bard for the Ages: Shakespeare's Timeless Effect"; Dustin Ferguson's "Nemesis 5" and "RoboWoman"; William Lee's "Black Mamba"; Gregory Hatanaka's "Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance"; Gregory Blair's "Garden Party Massacre"; Alan Wagner's "Rickman's Cobs"; Jake Zelch's "The Krampus Carol"; and Jared Masters' "Blood Tulip". 

Premiere of "Las Vegas Vietnam"

Ron Becks' and Tina Le's "Las Vegas Vietnam" premiered at the Saigon Entertainment Center on May 7, 2019.

Dark Classics - Monologue from Lady Macbeth

The Dark Classics team of Dr. Renah Wolzinger, Craig Railsback, Keith Wolzinger and Sean Glumace films Dawna Lee Heising performing a dark monologue from Shakespeare's "Macbeth". 

Official Trailer for Dustin Ferguson's "RoboWoman"

This is the Official Trailer for Dustin Ferguson's RoboWoman!  I play RoboWoman in this film, which is executive produced by the great Aki Aleong!

"Puff Daddy" Music Video from JPEGMAFIA & Kenny Beats

I had SO much fun working on this great video from JPEGMAFIA and Kenny Beats!!! 💖💖💖 

Trailer for Dustin Ferguson's "RoboWoman"

I play Vivica Stevens (aka RoboWoman) in this action/martial arts revenge thriller, which will be released in early 2019!

Demo Reel-August 2018

Includes scenes from Dustin Ferguson's "Nemesis 5", William Lee's "Black Mamba", Jake Zelch's "The Krampus Carol and Gregory Blair's "Garden Party Massacre"!

Won Best Actress for Dustin Ferguson's "Nemesis 5"

I won Best Actress for Dustin  Ferguson's "Nemesis 5" at the 2018 LANFA Festival! Dustin won Best Director, Mel Novak won Best Actor and "Nemesis 5" won Best Festure Film - Science Fiction!!!

Won Best Supporting Actress for "Garden Party Massacre"

I won Best Supporting Actress for Gregory Blair's "Garden Party Massacre" at the 2018 Lucky Strike Film Festival! 

Black Mamba on MovieAccessTrailers

I play Esmeralda, Lucifer's wife, in William Lee's awesome upcoming sci-fi/horror/action/martial arts film!

Rickman's Cobbs

Great video from Alan Wagner!!!

Movie Legend Aki Aleong on Eye on Entertainment

I am an Associate Producer on Aki's great film "Railroad to Hell: A Chinaman's Chance"

Cast and Crew of Dustin Ferguson's "Nemesis 5"

Sci-fi/Action/Martial Arts film, executive produced by Albert Pyun, will be released soon!!!

Behind the Scenes of Jake Zelch's "The Krampus Carol"

I play the Ghost of Christmas Cheer in this awesome film starring Luc Bernier, Helene Udy and Donna Hamblin!